Indie Games and Craft Beer #5

Blueberry Garden paired with Blueberry Blonde

For this week’s pairing, I decided to work backwards. Typically I find an indie game I want to play and then select a beer that matches the game description. This time, I started with the beer first: Blueberry Blonde by Big Muddy Brewing. After my steam backlog turned up nothing, I decided to search “Blueberry” on steam and play whatever came up. What I found was Blueberry Garden, a game released back in 2009 that received “mostly positive” reviews. The art-style has a simple, “sketched-out” look to it, and the protagonist is derpy/adorable—a great match for my aesthetic. The pairing was perfect: a game set in a blueberry garden and a beer brewed with natural blueberry flavor.

The game, however, was far from perfection.

bg1 (5)

The premise is not given. You are simply put into a world without film sequences or dialogue. But the developer doesn’t just abandon you there; cue cards pop-up on the edge of the screen to provide you with the basic controls: up arrow to open a door, down arrow to pick up objects, enter to eat fruit, space bar to jump, hold space bar to fly, and hold “H” to go home, a.k.a respawn, at the start-point of the game.

Click here for the full article.


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