Indie Games and Craft Beer Pairing #4

Craft Beers For Craft Games

Blues and Bullets paired with Speakeasy Payback Porter

I love episodic adventure games. Games like Telltale’s Walking Dead and Square Enix’s Life is Strange have brought tears to my eyes and been one of my most memorable gaming experiences. But for every amazing episodic game, there is a godawful one and unfortunately  Blues and Bullets is one of those. Despite being ambitious, unique, and having excellent art design, Blues and Bullets is a mess of a game and a serious let down. But hey, the Speakeasy Payback Porter was good.

Blues and Bullets is a noir murder mystery set in an alternate 1930s California. You play Elliot Ness, the famous “untouchable” agent who took the down the infamous gangster. Except in this universe, Ness arrests Al Capone after murdering his guards in a drunken stupor. Ness has since retired and leading a quiet life as a civilian while running a dinner, until Capone reappears. The imprisoned gangster requests Ness to investigate the disappearance of Capone’s granddaughter.

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