Indie Games and Craft Beer Pairing #3

Gone Home paired with Dos Pistolas 

Gone Home is an interactive exploration simulator game driven by its story. The premise is as follows: you come home from Europe to your, relatively, new home at 1 A.M. But no one is home. Where is your family? And what happened to your sister, Sam, who has left an ominous note on the door. This mystery serves as the game’s invitation.


I was drawn to Gone Home because it uses game play I’m, personally, unfamiliar with. Of course, the premise itself is not new: you walk around with one joy stick and look around with the other joy stick; you can manipulate some objects by clicking on them and throughout the game you read notes, look for keys, etc. However, I’ve never played a game like this and was determined to get out of my comfort zone.

Likewise, I don’t drink dark beers. And I had Great River Brewery’s Dos Pistolas sitting in my fridge for a week—too nervous to will myself to drink it. This week I chose a dark beer for a dark game. And neither were quite what I was expecting…

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