Ryan’s Late Review: Dark Souls III

Prepare To Die One Last Time

Dark Souls III marks the culmination of FromSoftware’s difficult, grand, fantasy RPG. Both loved and loathed for its unforgiving and punishing gameplay, its dark twisted fantasy universe was fun to explore and held many hidden secrets and details. The boss battles were breathtaking, frustrating, and eventually cathartic once you finally felled your foe.  Dark Souls III has these FromSoftware standards, as well as some punishing new features that make it a worthy conclusion to one of gaming’s most memorable trilogies.

As with all trilogies, both in cinema and gaming, the third entry is inevitably compared to its predecessors. Thankfully, Dark Souls III is not the Godfather III of the trilogy. Rather, it’s much like Raiders of the Lost Ark(significantly better than the second, arguably as good as the first). Dark Souls III is superior to Dark Souls II in every way. Comparing it to the first Dark Souls is much more difficult. The game tries so hard to remind players of the first game that Dark Souls III sometimes ends up feeling like Dark Souls Remastered. This is both a good and bad quality (more on that later).

Click here for the full review.


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