Indie Games and Craft Beer Pairing #2

Craft Beers For Craft Games

Don’t Starve paired with Shipwrecked Double IPA by Mission Brewery

I’ve loved rogue-like games ever since a friend in college introduced me to FTL. Rogue-like games differ from regular games because they tend to be shorter and have perma-death. Perma-death basically means that whenever you die the game completely ends and you have to start over. You lose all game and character progression; there are no saves or checkpoints. This style of games has regained popularity following the success of games such as Shovel KnightFTL, and The Binding of Isaac.  After seeing the reveal trailer for Don’t Starve, I instantly purchased it on Steam. It looked like a survival game directed by Tim Burton. Sign me up! I paired Don’t Starve with Shipwrecked Double because the name Shipwrecked evokes having to survive on an island and potentially starving. All problems I would have to overcome in the game.

Don’t Starve drops you on a randomly generated island and the game’s title is the only explanation for the plot and gameplay. You have to try not to starve by scavenging the island for supplies. Don’t Starve is very much a trial and error kind of game. There’s no tutorial, nothing is explained to you. Rather than trying to describe the gameplay, I’m just going to tell you about my first playthrough and let you decide whether or not it’s worth checking out. So settle in!

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