Dark Souls III: 7 Early Impressions

Die, Die, and Die Again

I bought Dark Souls III when it came out on Tuesday and have managed to put in around 20 hours so far. Note, this is not a full review (that’s coming next week); rather these are my early impressions of the game.

1. Wow This Game Is Hard

I guess FromSoftware must’ve have listened to the many complaints about the “easiness” of Dark Souls II compared to the first Dark Souls because Dark Souls III is incredibly difficult. The first tutorial boss would be a nightmare to newcomers to the series or players who’ve never tried Bloodborne. All enemies are faster and stronger than you. Like Bloodborne, enemies hide around corners and drop from ceilings when you’re least prepared for it. Several times I’ve walked into a room with only one enemy, only to be ambushed by two or more hidden enemies.

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