Ryan’s Late Review: MLB The Show 16

Baseball’s Back And Better Than Ever

MLB The Show 16 combines the amazing presentation style and gameplay of its predecessors with a host of new features to make MLB The Show 16 my favorite game of 2016. The core gameplay remains generally the same, but there are enough new elements that prevent the game from being a simple roster update from last year’s entry. These new features, while taking away from the realism of the game, increase the RPG qualities of the game and dramatically improve the online multiplayer.

MLB The Show 16 fulfills any baseball fanatic’s fantasy. Want to manage your franchise to the World Series? Create a player and earn your way to Cooperstown? Draft your own fantasy team and take on drastically different (sometimes hilarious) lineups?  The Show has all that and more. And once you’re done with the offline modes, you will easily get immersed in the online multiplayer experience.

As said above, the core gameplay is essentially the same. However, the new “Showtime” meter is a major change.  At the bottom of the screen is a meter, pressing R2 will deplete the meter, but slow down time, letting you crush that high fastball or strike out Miguel Cabrera with a nasty slider. As a batter it’s really only good for two swings, so choose wisely, but it makes pitching ridiculously easy. It doesn’t cost much to use Showtime for pinpoint accuracy. I was averaging ten or more strikeouts a game with my pitcher because of Showtime until I amped the difficulty up. Showtime slightly removes the immersion and makes The Show feel more video-gamey than its predecessors. If used properly, however, Showtime can create some awesome moments. I wasn’t too thrilled about it until I absolutely crushed a 450 foot homerun with my clean up hitter. That moment made up for all the lack of realism and failed attempts before. It’s worth noting that this feature is entirely optional, since you can simply choose not to use it.

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