Former Halo 2 Composer Claims Game Originally Had A “Much Different Ending”

There are few video game endings as disappointing as Halo 2. It ended with a completely unsatisfying and dumbfounding cliffhanger. Recently, in an interview with IGN, Marty O’Donnell, one of Bungie’s most veteran employees before he was fired in 2014, has spoken about Halo 2’s ending.

O’Donnell claims that the original ending involved Master Chief finding the Ark of the Covenant on Earth. Master Chief and the Arbiter would fight together on Earth to vanquish the Prophet of Truth and expel his forces from Earth. The game would have a “grand and glorious” conclusion, finishing the fight on Earth right then and there. O’Donnell states that Bungie had all the dialogue recorded and that he even has the original script somewhere.