Telltale’s Walking Dead Season 3 Coming in 2016

Depression Simulator Volume III

The next season of Telltale’s The Walking Dead will land sometime later this year.

The news comes from an interview between the developer and Mashable.  The developer claims the third season will take an “unexpected” approach.  It’s hard to imagine how Season 3 will manage to tie together all the threads from the last season’s conclusion.  With three possible endings, it offered closure and a seeming finality to Clementine’s story. Click here for my Season 2 review.



The developer claims that the goal for the third season is to bring in a wider swath of fans.  People who may not be invested in the first two seasons will hopefully be interested in the third season.

Expect to hear more about The Walking Dead: Season this summer around Comic Con International, with a premiere to follow later this year.

Telltale is currently releasing The Walking Dead: Michonne.  The miniseries is not a direct continuation of the plot from seasons one and two, but a three episode side story focusing on Michonne.  Click here to see the first six minutes of the game.


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