New Daredevil Trailer

You’re Just One Bad Day Away From Being Me

The new trailer for Netflix’s hit, Daredevil, dropped today and it’s incredible.  The trailer focused on the Punisher, one of the “villains” of Season Two.  I put villain in quotes because the Punisher is not a villain in the traditional sense, like Kingpin from the first season or Loki from the Avengers.  The Punisher is a vigilante, like Daredevil, only significantly more violent.  While Daredevil refuses to kill, Punisher has no problem killing criminals.  In the trailer, he calls out Daredevil for this perceived weakness; calling him a half measure and a coward.

Jon Bernthal looks to be living up to the hype that’s been surrounding him since the casting announcement.  He looks dark and gritty, and growls his lines with quiet menace.  There’s also a quick shot of Elektra, the other new villain this season, at the end as well as a release date for the next trailer.

Netflix will stream all episodes of Daredevil season two on March 18th.  Season One is streaming now.


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