Hitman Beta: Well Executed

Everyone’s Favorite Assassin Returns

Agent 47 returns in the latest iteration of the Hitman franchise and he’s as deadly as ever.  Although nothing new is brought to the table, Hitman shows a marked improvement over Absolution and a welcome return to the open ended levels of Blood Money.  The beta highlights the strengths that we have all come to love and expect from IO Interactive, but there are still weaknesses.

The beta, which you can access all of this weekend, serves as the prologue to the main game.  It shows Agent 47 beginning with the ICEA as well as his first meeting with his handler, Diana Burnwood.  I was surprised by the agency’s initial hesitancy towards 47 and he’s only accepted into the training program because of Diana’s insistence.  This is a nice way of establishing the deep trust between Diana and Agent 47, which has been prevalent throughout the whole series.

Click here for the full article.



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