Sexism in the Gaming Industry Exposed!

An anonymous female source from a major video game company recently gave an interview exposing the constant sexism and hostile workplace environment she faced on a daily basis.  You should definitely read the full article here for all the details, but these are the major points I took from it.

  1. Sexism in game designs

The source states that men’s outfits were designed first and then stretched to fit over the female bodies.  Men were given “cooler” outfits, while women’s outfits were either cut from the games or modified to be more provocative or revealing.  The designing men’s outfits first issue seems true from my own gaming experiences.  My wife pointed it out to me when I was playing the first Mass Effect.  I was going through my second playthrough as a female character and I was in the standard jumpsuit you begin the game with.  She walked behind me, then stopped and chuckled.  When I asked what was funny, she said that the character was clearly created by a man.  She explained that it was physically impossible for a woman to be shaped that way.  I hadn’t even noticed it until she pointed it out.  It seems to make logical sense that women should design female characters.

The provocative outfits are definitely a constant in video games.  The Witcher 3 is a fantastic example.  Every female character’s outfit is created in a way to highlight the character’s breasts.  You can even download a different and more provocative costume for one character.  In Batman Arkham games, Catwoman’s costume is laughable.  She wears a body suit, but the zipper is zipped halfway down to show a lot of sideboob.

Image courtesy of
Image courtesy of

2. She discusses a hostile male dominated workplace.  She references men encouraged to take the “red pill” (a phrase used by Men’s Rights activists).  She mentions the only way to get promoted was through manipulation.  Here ideas were often ignored and she claims she was repeatedly talked over by men during meetings.

Some of the other claims are more bizarre than sexist.  She mentions them changing a character’s features from Asian to Caucasian so the character would be “way cooler.”

As with the documentary GTFO, this article sheds light on the problem of sexism within the gaming industry and will hopefully motivate people to change.


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